adjustable passenger seat fused airbag sensor emulator belt simulator bypass SRS

This is useful tool on diagnostic Airbag SRS System It is suitable for most Airbag SRS System with build in protected fuse 1A
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Adjustable Airbag simulator tester from 1.3 to 7.1 ohm , ready for use.  This is useful tool, when you don't know the exact value of the airbag resistance. 

Can be set for any of these values:

1.3R  1.8R   2.2R  2.5R  3.0R  3.6R  4.2R  5.0R  5.9R  7.1R

Simply move the connector at the legs, that correspond to the value on the plate. 

With build in fuse 1A to protect the computer from blowing, when activation signal is sent.

Dimensions: 40mm/28mm/21mm

These simulators are for diagnostic/troubleshooting purposes only.They will make the airbag computer think that the airbag or seat belt pretensioner is connected and, if no other problems exist, should make the airbag light go off.

This is very useful for making repairs to the airbag system if you do not have a good airbag yet. Or for making sure that everything is functioning properly before you connect the new airbag.

This is useful tool on diagnostic Airbag SRS System

It is suitable for most Airbag SRS System

Distance between connection legs  - approx 2.54mm / 0.1 inch.

Length of the legs - 10 mm       

Installation: They are very easy to use and simply splice into the two connectors that normally connect to the drivers airbag.

Attention: Most front driver (steering wheel) and front passenger (dashboard) airbags have two inflators per airbag, so to simulate those airbags you will need two simulators.


Please note: most vehicles require the airbag computer to be reset or replaced in order for the airbag light to stay off.

These Simulator can be used to simulate:

  • Driver Airbag

  • Passenger Airbag

  • Side Airbag

  • Curtain Airbag

  • Knee Airbag

  • Seat Belt Pretensioners

  • Belt Buckle Pretensioners

  • Any component of the SRS system with an inflator

Package includes:
1. Airbag simulator tester
2. Instruction for use