CAR DRL Time relay with accuracy SMD TIMER SWITCH RELAY FOR CAR DAYLIGHTS U>=13.2V / 2x55w Delay ON-7s / DELAY OFF-4s

Item Description

The proposed device automatically turn on the headlights of a car. It is comparator and a powerful MOSFET switch (120W/10A), allowing direct switching of lamps without additional relays. The typical way of connecting is the +12 V is operational after ignition key. To avoid simultaneous operation of "long" and "short" ligths (for lamp H4) is designed to block entrance to the DIS +12 V . After switching off the ignition key lights remain on a few seconds. To turn on the lights must to be initially met two requirements : time runs out t = 10s and Ubat. is> = 13.2V (after starting ingnition). Then switch MOSFET is not dependent more from the battery voltage. Operating wires max. 0.75mm2 Power cables> = 1.5mm2



- length -  40 mm

- width 27 mm

- height 21 mm


Wired with 10 cm wires:

Power:  + RED,  - Black . Have protection against reverse supply voltage.

Normally open contact - TWO Monochrome white wires

DIS input – orange wire

Cut on Ubat. > = 13.2V after delay of 8 sec.

Standby current: 1.5mA

Delay on: ~ 8s 

Delay off after cut off the contact key: ~ 4sec 

Time Delayed recovery circuit: 0s

Activate DIS terminal  and switch off the relay: switch to +12 V (without power ,or "-" does not work)

Max output power: 110W (2x55W).


Principe of work:

When power is on, if Ubat>= 13.2V the delay time start, led diode lights. When set time end, the relay is activated and output contact is closed, until cut off the power.

 By restart power supply  - cycle repeat.

Device  have plastic box, as see on the picture.

It can be used for example for delay on of car lights. When ignition is start - the timer will wait (8s) and then will on the front lights, to save the car battery.  When ignition is off - the lights will cut off after 4s The timer need to receive 12  from contact key and output to be wired to front lights switch. 


 Package contents:

1. Mini Time Relay

2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.

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